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Walk the Hounds!

Walking Group... walk those hounds!

3rd Sunday of the month
10 am in Winter
  8 am in Summer

Greyhound / Sighthound Only Event

SiennaOur shared love for hounds is the purpose. Please join us for our monthly walking group! We will meet on the third Sunday of every month (except June, July, and August) and take the hounds on a walk. This is for fun and for hounds and their people to socialize. The more the merrier so invite your sight hound friends and the humans they adopted! Walk as far as you want... no pressure, except maybe from your hound.

Just show up with Walk for a Dog loaded on your phone, and don't forget to bring poop bags!

Remember that muzzles are required for any fostered dog.

Please join us, relax, enjoy your hounds... you know your hound wants to come, so let's walk!