Born: Mar/2006
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: No
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Natalie is small but has a BIG personality! She is full of enthusiasm & curiosity about everything, and she is very affectionate – quick with a kiss or a snuggle. She’ll follow you and keep you company; no matter what chore you’re doing, she just likes to be close. She loves to fetch and plays well with other dogs. She responds well to training, learning quickly and with gusto! She would do really well with an active, athletic family that will play with her daily, and she would be great with kids 6 years & older. She will blossom under calm assertive leadership in which boundaries are gently but firmly set, but still with freedom to express her joyful spirit. If you need a greyhound that will make you laugh and then lay in your lap, she’s the one for you!