Born: Apr/2005
Color: White/Brindle
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
Wayne is a large boy, white with brindle patches, currently in foster care, seeking a new home due to the recent unexpected death of his owner. Wayne is affectionate, playful and loves people. If he doesn’t get attention, he will whine, but talking to Wayne and using his name settles him down immediately. One of his new foster parents reports that, while performing abdominal exercise crunches on the living room floor, Wayne wandered in and put one paw on his foster Dad’s stomach, and then draped himself over his foster Dad’s legs and fell asleep. Goodbye crunches.  Wayne is used to living with other greyhounds, but has no experience with cats or kids. Wayne is house trained, very social, and a little mischievous. He likes to steal ‘stuff’ from purses, counter tops, or items lying around, and sneak them out onto the patio. A tidy owner will curb this habit.