Born: Nov/2005
Color: Fawn
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: No
Status: ADOPTED!
Hello Tucson. I'm Alphie. I'm one handsome large fawn greyhound with a fabulous black tail that comes in handy as a rudder when I'm zooming around a doggie park and need to slide into 'stop' mode. While not one to boast, I have to admit that I'm one smart greyhound. This morning I was placed in the meet and greet to run. Yea, that was fun, but it was more fun to open the pen gate and trot back into the kennel, unaccompanied! You should have seen the faces of the volunteers. Talk about a jaw dropper. What a hoot. Yea, I was chastised, but hey, it's their job to anticipate how smart I am, don't you think? I would prefer to live in a home with other dogs for company, but no cats. I just 'don't get' those fur balls that consider themselves superior to us greys.