Born: 2013
Color: Black and Tan Whippet Mix
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: TBD
Small Dogs: TBD
Weight: 23
Status: ADOPTED!
Crystal was a stray in Pinal County, and we have welcomed her into the AGR family with open arms. She is very sweet, knows commands, sit and shake and stay. She is playful, gets along with other dogs. She was a little afraid of the cats she met but would probably get used to them. UPDATE: Crystal's favorite place is in a person's arms. At first we thought that she has separation anxiety, but we are starting to think she just desperately to be where people are... so much that she will jump and climb in order to find some company! She is an escape artist, and we are in need of a Foster home... or AN ADOPTER... who has a very secure yard! More information about her will be added as available!