Born: Jan/2010
Race name: BWG Kailua
Color: Red Brindle Greyhound
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: TBD
Small Dogs: TBD
Status: ADOPTED!
This brindle beauty loves short walks and long naps. Kahlua is sweet and mellow -- except when she is playing. At a couple of public events, she sprawled on the nice cool floor and did not want to get up to go home! But when the mood strikes, she likes a good run through the house at top speed and is undeterred by wood floors, humans, or other greyhounds who might be in the way. Kahlua loves stuffed toys but has been known to mistake pillows for chewables. Although she has not been cat and small dog tested, Kahlua has encountered a few on walks and does not seem overly interested. She is apprehensive about larger dogs, especially if they are barking. Well and truly retired, Kahlua only asks for a soft bed, a chew toy, and the chance to lick your bare toes in gratitude.