Holly (formerly Gwen)

Born: Jul/2010
Race name: BWG Redgolightly
Color: Fawn Greyhound
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: TBD
Small Dogs: TBD
Status: ADOPTED!
When you are a Princess like me, you can do whatever you want! So I decided to change my name... please address me as Holly from now on. And please give me a treat when you do . Holly has such a pretty mask on her face! It only adds to her princess-ness. She is a sweetie and comes with a wagging tail, but she can be a little stubborn, just like a princesses! Holly has been designated a SPECIAL NEEDS DOG due to her need for medication for low platelets. She needs to be in a home with other dogs due to her separation anxiety. Also, Greyhounds can "freeze" in place when they are unsure and sometimes Holly will freeze. With a little reassurance, she will overcome whatever is keeping her at a stand-still. Princess Holly's sweetness will win your heart... and she is available again!!! Please give her a kingdom (your home) and you will reign supreme in her world!