Born: Feb/2008
Color: Brindle
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
Where are my doggie toys? I'm Binky and I turn two in February. Just like human toddlers, a toy or a blanket is an absolute must for us youngsters. This afternoon, the volunteer lady tossed me a couple of blanky toys and I was one happy camper tossing, chasing and chomping as I sped down the sprint run. I'm a playful pooch with a sweet disposition and cat tolerant. I'm easy to handle and love physical attention, especially kisses to my face and strokes under my chin. I'm in great physical shape and eagerly await that special person that will take me home. A sturdy doggie bed, loads of toys, premium chow, regular exercise and I'm yours. Once you and I get acquainted, you'll not be able to resist me.