Born: Sep/2004
Color: Brindle
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Shy is not in Mickey’s vocabulary.  He is one smart greyhound that gets along well with people and his two greyhound foster brothers. As he tested ‘not cat tolerant,’ a home with kitties is not advisable. Mickey is house trained; rides well in the car and loves his daily walks. He does not pull on the leash but tends to zigzag, exploring new territory. When left alone occasionally without his two doggie companions, he did not become agitated, so he is not being crated. Mickey is in good health, does not steal food, and is not spooked by unusual noises, other than the vacuum cleaner!  Mickey accepts grooming, knows the command ‘settle’ and also knows his name. He will come when called, if he feels like it!  Mickey is a sloppy eater and drinker so a towel under his bowls might be a good idea.