Born: Feb/2004
Race name: Raging Surf
Color: Black Tuxedo
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: Yes
Weight: 70
Status: ADOPTED!
After 4 years in a home, Ziggy has returned to AGR due to no fault of his own. He ran 47 races starting in Phoenix then finishing his career here in Tucson in 2007. Now, he's a spry 8 year old who still loves to run and play! He is housebroken with and without a doggy door.

Ziggy is a very lovey playful pooch. He loves running around the yard with his foster brother, and teasing his foster sister who doesn't want to run. He'll follow you around the house, especially right after you get home; and, he will not leave your side until he gets some good lovin'! Then, he'll sprawl out on his bed for a couple hours. He does bark and jump when he's excited, and he tries to nip at my hand when I'm not giving him attention fast enough; however, he's never actually bitten - it's more of a love nip. He gets along great with our other 2 dogs and 2 cats, although he's been put in his place by the Alpha several times. I think he would do best with another dog to play with, and probably with someone who doesn't work full time. I think he'd be fine with older children; but, since he doesn't realize how big and ungraceful he is, he would likely knock over smaller children.