Born: Sep/2010
Color: Black
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: Yes
Status: ADOPTED!
I answer to Bruno. I’m a handsome, gentle giant, almost the size of a Great Dane, with a gleaming black coat. If you appreciate us big guys, I’m the one for you.  Imagine. A scrawny burglar squeezes through your fence with intent to pry open a window, enter your home, and steal all your hi-tech toys. As he squeezes his bony butt through the window, he meets me, nose to nose. I show my teeth and utter a deep growl as I lung toward the burglar. Petrified, the guy withdraws from the window, runs like hell across the back yard, and scales the 5’ fence. Fear can do that to a guy – it’s a better boost than coffee! See how useful a handsome giant like me can be to my adopters. When the TV cameras arrive, I’ll just bark, “Aw shucks, weren’t nothin’ ” as you hang a plaque on the front door: Burglars be warned - Bruno on Patrol.