Born: Jun/2009
Color: Brindle
Gender: Male
Housing: Kennel
Cats: N/A
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
I’ll whirl and spin around your legs and a whoosh of air will lightly brush your skin. How ‘bout them bananas [sorry, don’t like apples.]  I’m Breeze, a small tan/brindle fella that hired Bat Man and Robin to find me the most suitable home in Southern Arizona where I can hang my leash. It’s not that I’m picky or an ego maniac, it’s just that I’m very selective. I bring to the table a handsome appearance and a playful and affectionate personality, however, I know zilch about home living, but I can learn ‘cos I’m one smart greyhound. When racing, I fathomed out PDQ that if I lagged behind and ran slower than my competition, I would quickly be tossed out and headed for an adoption group.  Hello!  It worked – HA! I’m looking forward to living in a home with people who will play with me. I’d like to try my paw at basketball – will you teach me?