Born: Jan/2002
Color: Fawn
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: No
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Ozzie is a love bug; always has his head in someone’s lap and wants to be petted all the time. He is not shy and loves people. Although he cries when left alone, he is not destructive in the home. Tolerates the vacuum by thrusting his nose in the air and vacating the room!  Ozzie needs a little hoist to get him in the back of a car. He barks very little and is house trained using a doggie door. Ozzie is not a candidate for ‘The Biggest Loser’ because he’s not thrilled about daily walks. He will, however, allow gentle grooming. Ozzie knows his name and will come when called. He must find a home with Clementine because they’re like Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie has soft bunny type fur and is a complete love bug.