Born: Jun/2006
Color: Brindle
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Martie is beginning to relax and become more comfortable in her foster home. She knows that she has to do her business outside and gets up consistently at 5:00 a.m. - just for that purpose. On two occasions, she has barked to go outside. She seems to prefer the company of women, does O.K. with men, but would not do well in a home with children.  Although Martie whines when the foster mom leaves the home, she is not destructive, and is realizing that the mom will return. She is a little fearful of the loud metal gate and perhaps the rolling trash can and vacuum, but her curiosity overrides her trepidation, as she will approach both with reassurance.  Martie is not crated because she is quiet and well mannered. She rides well in the car, has a good appetite, is healthy, and wags her tail when the martingale comes out. Martie has sensitive skin but accepts gentle grooming. She may not be small dog tolerant.