Born: Jan/2003
Color: Yellow
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: Yes
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Fiona is a fun-loving, affectionate girl that knows her name and obeys the command 'sit.' In the home, Fiona is docile, house broken, cat tolerant, not destructive, and can be left alone for a few hours without suffering separation anxiety. However, she is terrified of thunder and fireworks. Fiona only has sight in her right eye so she may feel insecure and this will explain why she pulls on the leash in unknown territory where there is heavy traffic and strange dogs, although she is slowly improving. Fiona needs her space when eating and will growl at other dogs if they come too close to her food bowl. For a potential adopter with a large yard where Fiona can play with squeaky toys and another dog for company may be sufficient exercise for this sweet girl and avoid any anxiety she has with the outside world.