Born: Mar/2008
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Housing: Kennel
Cats: N/A
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
I’m Ruby, a black frisky female, born in the information age, so I’m very alert and absorb everything around me. Sometimes that includes sniffing the non-greyhound dogs at the kennel. Some might call me nosey but I prefer the handle inquisitive. I’m sure my inquisitive nature will continue so lock up your PJ’s  in case I discover how cozy they are in my doggie bed. As I’ve learned a lot since my racing days ended, I’ve applied to be a contestant on Jeopardy. Whoops, my cell phone is ringing, “Hello. Yes, this is Ruby. What do you mean fur companions are ineligible to appear on the show? What sort of a gig are you running? Oh just forget it.” If I’m adopted into a family that has the Jeopardy game, I can ROO my answers and receive squeaky toys as prizes. Now there’s a thought!