Born: May/2006
Color: Red
Gender: Male
Housing: Kennel
Cats: Yes
Small Dogs: N/A
Status: ADOPTED!
I’m Cody. I’m a red fawn male with a white tip at the end of my tail. Adopted greyhound Anabel, who lives with Beamer, also has this marking, and her Mom affectionately calls her ‘Flashlight.’ But, unlike me, Anabel doesn’t have a gorgeous dusting of white over her face. I’m wondering if my designer was a make-up artist in a previous life and got carried away with the powder puff. But I like my white face; it’s very distinctive. I’m a fast eater so putting a small tennis ball in my food dish will slow me down and avoid any digestive problems. I’m recently rescued from the track and gradually adjusting to my new found freedom, so sometimes I get a little nervous. But a quiet voice and gentle handling settles me down quickly. Once I feel loved and secure in your home, I will be one awesome treasured companion.