Enriching our community and the lives of sighthounds through adoption, companion programs and education.

A world where every sighthound is valued and has a loving forever home.

Guiding Principles
We act in the best interest of sighthound breeds.
We operate from a foundation of honesty and integrity.
We believe in educating the community about sighthounds and humane care.
We support, encourage and welcome an active volunteer base that shares our passion and vision.


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Every month Arizona Greyhound Rescue incurs huge operating expenses. We lease the kennel and pay for all the hounds’ medical needs, including broken legs and other maladies.

Every retired racing greyhound deserves a wonderful home, don't you think?

AGR's Current Form 990 can be downloaded here:
AGR AZ Form 990

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Every donated dollar translates into food, shelter, or medical treatment, and is tax-deductible. Here’s a close approximation as to how we spend our funds based on one dog:

$420 – Boarding for one month
$300 – Discounted medical fees, including blood work, spay/neutering, and a dental cleaning
$100 – Provides some of much needed medicines and vaccinations

Of course, these costs increase for dogs that come to us with injuries, illnesses, or other medical problems. And the longer the dog is with us, the higher the expenses climb. Sometimes it takes from three or four months with us to place a dog.Raisin and Dozer Going Home But... that moment when a hound finds a loving, responsible forever home and the new adopter falls in love with their new dog -- PRICELESS!

Your generosity can help give greyhounds a new lease on life!

Thank you for your support!

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In 1992, Arizona Greyhound Rescue, ("AGR"), an all-volunteer organization, was formed to find homes for greyhounds when they were done racing and Money"petted out" by their owners from the Tucson Greyhound Park. In 1994, AGR was incorporated, and in 1995 AGR received non-profit status.

As they say, the rest is history. AGR continues 23 years later to provide services to our community by using dedicated volunteers who participate in kennel turnout and new dog intake; home checks; meet-and-greet events at Petco, Petsmart, and Bookman's; and transporting dogs to and from events.

Since its inception, Arizona Greyhound Rescue has grown tremendously... we've placed more than 1,400 dogs so far!

BlazeIn 2013, AGR underwent an extensive strategic planning process where the mission was expanded to assure the continuation of the organization for many years to come.

Mr. FryWhile AGR's focus will remain greyhounds, it will also include all sighthounds, such as Afghan hounds, Borzoi, Saluki, and Irish Wolfhounds. In addition, AGR has started a new program called Heartfelt Hounds. Some hounds have callings to be service dogs, facility residential dogs, or emotional support dogs. As new hounds come to AGR, they are evaluated to see if they are candidates for the program.

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Your monthly donation helps form a predictable source of income we can count on to fund local services to sight hounds and their families and further our mission to Enriching our community and the lives of sighthounds through adoption, companion programs and education.

Signing up for a monthly donation is the easiest way to give and ensure that Arizona Greyhound Rescue receives your ongoing support.

Your recurring monthly donation means together, we will help more hounds.

Here are our Monthly Roo levels:

$25 - Friend
$50 - Companion
$75 - Guardian
$100 - Life Saver
$250 - Care Giver
$500 - Protector
$1,000 - Champion
Other - Any amount you want to give.

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Questions? Please email development@azgreyhoundrescue.org