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In December 2017, we participated in a Star Wars fan appreciation day at RoadHouse Cinema to raise funds for ASAVET. Watch for Max, Emily, Opie, and Blaze!

New Alabama Hounds

On August 9th, eight new greyhounds (4 males and 4 females) came to our family from Mobile Alabama where a lot of the hounds from Tucson Greyhound Park were taken after the end of live racing in Arizona.

ASAVET Mobile Unit

ASAVET brought their mobile unit to our kennel and Dr. Karter Neal performed surgeries and dental cleanings on our greyhounds.


ASAVET also provided spay/neuter surgeries and dentals for our hounds that arrived from a greyhound farm in Kansas in January.

Waiting for forever homes

sol.DOG dogs

In addition to our hounds, three dogs that were rescued by sol.DOG were spayed or neutered. They are being trained by Rachel Molyneux and will be available for adoption through sol.DOG

AGR volunteers were able to assist the ASAVET staff.

Bob Helping With Recovery

Bob Mittan is helping to care for Thom in the recovery room.

Avery is a small female greyhound that was adopted soon after her surgery.

Avery in the Recovery Room
Avery in the Recovery Room